by: Oi Cheepchaiissara, author of "The Food of Thailand" and other books

Oi Cheepchaiissara
Oi checks the taste!
Massaman Curry with Beef
Massaman Curry with Beef
Pestle and mortar
Making curry paste
Mixed Fruit Salad in Pineapple Mixed Fruit Salad in Pineapple

April 10, 11, 2020

* Hot and Sour Soup with Mixed Seafood
* Yellow Curry with Mixed Vegetables and Lychees
* Boiled Jasmine Rice
* Sticky Rice with Egg Custard and Coconut Cream

June 12, 13, 2020

* Grilled Prawns with Coriander Leaves and Chilli
* Red Curry with Fish and Water Chestnuts
* Boiled Jasmine Rice
* Mango Ice Cream

Sept 11, 12, 2020

* Vermicelli Noodles Salad with Pork
* Green Curry with Chicken and Bamboo Shoots
* Boiled Jasmine Rice
* Sticky Rice with Mango

Nov 14, 15, 2020

* Mixed Fruit Salad in Pineapple
* Massaman Curry with Beef
* Boiled Jasmine Rice
* Coconut Ice Cream

>>> ALL CLASSES held at: 30 Parkside Quarter, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1EA. 10.30am-2.30pm.

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Fun for Everyone!

"Cooking should never be a chore," says Oi Cheepchaiissara. "I like to make my classes fun for everyone taking part."

All Inclusive

The class fee of 65 per person includes everything: ingredients, printed recipes, plus teas and coffees while you're cooking.

Small Classes

Our dining room can accommodate just 8 people, so that's max. 7 particpants at the table for the sit-down meal besides Oi.

Gift Cards Available

The classes make a wonderful gift! Add just 3 for a beautiful gift card which includes a voucher and all the menus for the year.

Yellow Curry
Yellow Curry
Prawn prepping
Prawn prepping
Panang Curry with Chicken
Panang Curry with Chicken
Coconut Ice Cream Coconut Ice Cream

>>> PAYMENT: By cheque to "Modern Thai Food," or by bank transfer (details on request)



Colchester is 50mins on the train from London. Parkside Quarter is down by the river, near North Hill Bridge, between the station and the High Street.

There are convenient car parks in both Middleborough and Nunn's Road, just across St Peter's Street.

They're just a 2 minute walk away.

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