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Introducing a new concept in cookbooks...


iPad in the kitchen iPad in the kitchen

Thai food on iPad

Better than printed books, faster than video, this is one way to follow my recipes. Enjoy them on iPad at your own pace.

Tap to turn the page. Touch to get a closer look. Perfect for use in the kitchen...or sit back and read them anywhere.

Download the FREE Intro. It contains some recipes, a detailed guide and a complete index to the whole series.

Sharp Pointed Noodle Soup
From: Thai Noodle Secrets


Red Curry

Classes in Colchester, UK

If you're serious about learning to cook Thai food, come to a cooking class in the lovely town of Colchester, Essex, UK.

I teach these classes regularly every month. Bring an apron and get ready for some hands-on participation.

Learn to cook a delicious Thai starter, a substantial main course, perfect jasmine rice, and a scrumptious Thai dessert.

Yellow Curry Paste
Ginger & Galangal Secrets



Two complete ranges

You can enjoy my Sweet Chilli Sauces in 6 delicious flavours, or my Thai Curry Sauces in 3 classic styles.

Both ranges make it easy to give your meals an authentic Thai taste. The Sweet Chilli Sauces are great with plain English food, too.

My Thai curries come in Red, Green or Yellow styles. They're available in shops or you can purchase them via mail order.

Pineapple and Sweet Chilli Sauce
Coriander Secrets