Oi Cheepchaiissara's Thai Food Secrets

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Why you need the Index

You'll find it useful because many of these "bite-sized" e-books are themed around a specific Thai herb, while others bring dishes together in the conventional way: as curries, salads, desserts, etc.

Although there are plenty of curries in the e-book called Thai Curry Secrets, there are also many additional curry recipes in the themed e-books such as Lemon Grass Secrets and Coriander Secrets.

This approach allows readers to obtain a balanced selection of recipes without necessarily buying the whole work.

How to put it on iPad

If you download this e-book to your desktop computer, launch iTunes and drag the file to Library, Books.

Sync your iPad to your computer. The e-book will download to the PDF section of the iBooks library. Tap "PDFs" to see it, then the icon to read the book.

You can also read it with other apps such as GoodReader or Stanza. They all, iPad reader included, take a second or two to load a page. This is good. It means you are getting high-res images that you can expand instantly with your fingertips.



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