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UK customers, please print this form and mail it with your payment to:
Modern Thai Food, 30 Parkside Quarter, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1EA

Thai Original Curry Sauces

Tick the quantity required and indicate which flavours you would like.
6 jars -- 39.95 (inc. p&p). Flavours___________________
12 jars -- 70.95 (inc. p&p). Flavours__________________

The flavours are:
Red - With dried red chillies and many other fine ingredients.
Yellow - Islamic-style curry from Southern Thailand.
Green - Classic Thai green curry with fresh herbs.

Thai Original Sweet Chilli Sauces

3 jars -- 15.50 (inc. p&p). Flavours___________________
6 jars -- 28.95 (inc. p&p). Flavours___________________
12 jars -- 50.40 (inc. p&p). Flavours__________________

Please note: postal rates have risen, but we subsidise some of the postage cost and this is
included in the figures above.

The currently available flavours are:
Garlic - The classic Thai recipe. Slightly hot.
Lemon Grass - Award winning; a great original sauce. Slightly hot.
Ginger - Brilliant with fish, meat, poultry. Mild

Please print your name and address clearly.






Payment: By cheque or postal order, made out to "Modern Thai Food"
Your sauces will be securely packed and despatched within five
working days of receipt of your order.
Prices are for despatch to UK mainland addresses only.
If you have any queries please call us on: 01206 564530.

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