Oi Cheepchaiissara's Thai Food Secrets

Other Useful Information

Using the chilli sauces

The sauces are great with English food, such as chicken, game, hamburger, sausages, smoked fish, grilled or barbecue meats, seafood, or cheese.

Vegetarians can enjoy them, too, stirred into vegetable stir-fries (just add two or three teaspoonfuls towards the end of cooking). Or you can mix them into salads, or use them as dips.

Thai Original Sweet Chilli Sauces have won 4 Great Taste Awards. Silver for Garlic and Lemon Grass flavours; Bronze for Ginger and Coriander.

Using the curry sauces

All you need is 350 g finely sliced meat, or seafood, or vegetables, together with 3-4 tablespoons of milk. The sauces already contain all the coconut milk you need.

You can cook finely-sliced chicken directly in the sauce for around 4 minutes, until it is done. Or you can add pre-cooked meat and heat it with the sauce.

Cut fish such as cod or haddock into 1-inch pieces, or use peeled prawns or mixed seafood. Stir carefully and try not to break up the fish while doing so. Add milk towards the end of cooking.

Buying Thai ingredients

In this part of East Anglia we're lucky to have a real Thai food store, in Norwich Road, Ipswich.

The Thai Oriental Food Store (formerly East Meets West) stocks a full range of Thai groceries and many fresh herbs such as lemon grass and coriander roots/stalks.

Address: 129 Norwich Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2PR. Telephone: 01473 287743. Mobile: 07891 879973.

Hours are Tues-Fri: 12.30pm to 5pm; Saturday: 10.30am to 5pm. (Closed Monday and Sunday)